Don’t you sometimes wish you could actually say what you were thinking?

I have this all the time and I know my friend Gemma has this too, we both kind of have an eye for interesting looking guys and every now and we always say “Daaaymnn”. Sometimes the guy in question hears though. The embarrassment is real you guys.

I was at a film gala sort of thing. This insanely hot dude comes on stage and I was thinking “Daaaymn”. Apparently I forgot I was front row, sitting 3 feet from him and that it was super quiet. Yes, apparently I forgot all that because I said that “Daaaaymn.” out loud. Very loud. Heads turning, me sinking away in my chair, that guy probably hearing. A night to forget rather than remember.

But let’s say it isn’t about showing you appreciation of the opposite gender in a somewhat vocal way, but when you really want to speak your mind. Like when that annoying boy who sits in bio with you makes yet another nasty remark at someone or when you actually, really like someone and it’s not yet ‘appropriate’ too.

My friend Gemma seems to be the only other person who understands me when I say that I really like a boy, when I have only spoken once to him. See, we can see the future in it’s best of ways.. The fake, made-up kind. We could see ourselves have a first date, deep conversations and baby’s with a guy we see walking down the street. Now imagine us talking to a real life guy. Wow. And we are quite easily impressed too because it only takes two things for us to go from “Oh he’s nice” to “He’s so pretty I wanna cry”.

1. He needs to either have our sense of humor or the same taste in music or pretty much anything we like too and BAM.

2.The lighting. Carrie from Sex and the City called it the zaza-zoo “You know that butterfly in your stomach thing”. Well, we call it the lighting, you know when you lock eyes and it feels like your heart explodes. Ha, beat that Carrie!

When a guy has those two things he has us and it’s really not that hard since we create number 2 mostly because we are so nervous, seeing our crush and all.

What really bugs me is that I can’t say “I like you” to a guy, when I do. Like what’s with all the secrecy? It’s bullshit, I would love to tell some dude “I like you” even if it’s weird because it’s only the second time we talked. “I like you” does not mean “Marry me and love me forever!” in secret girl-language. But how great would it be if there was a secret girl language? That would be amazing.

Anyways guys always complain about girls being so vague, should we just tell them what we think and be honest about what we feel and want? Or would that be a whole new level of creepy? If we told them the truth about what went on in our heads would they run for the hills with their tails between their legs?

They probably would, maybe it’s better to just ease them into our crazy, haha. But still, does that mean we shouldn’t be frank when it comes to how we feel about the dude himself? Does that mean we have to keep pretending to not like a guy even when we totally do? I always see these girls in movies saying “I like you” in this oh-so casual way and the guy says something like “right back at ya” and there’s no freaking out, there is only a mild awkwardness and nothin’ else. You know what, I’m going to use that move, guys come out of the blue with stupid and bold pick-up lines all the time(sadly). So a nonchalant and simple “I like you” can’t hurt right?  I think, ladies, if we keep it simple and ease them into the whirlwind of thoughts that go on beneath that humongous hair we will be allright. Just don’t Ted up(HIMYM joke, sorry) and say “I think I’m in love with you” on your first date, that would be awkward.