Guy-Girl friendships


Guy-Girl friendships is something that is in my opinion immensely underrated. I know that most people think that guys and girls can’t be friends, but I strongly disagree.

I have some guy friends and yes, sadly some of them act as if we are only friends until we get it on(nope, that’s never going to happen) but the other, thankfully larger portion, are truly my friends and I love having them. When you are hanging out with a couple of dudes it’s like you have entered a drama-free zone,  they don’t (over-)analyse and that can be so refreshing. If you are waiting for a rom-com plot twist in your friendship with a guy then maybe its just not for you, because you can’t expect to have a real friendship with a boy and still be waiting for him to turn into your perfect boyfriend. Life isn’t a Kathy Heighl movie(thank god!) and once you have accepted that, a lot of fun stuff is waiting for you. Like guy friends.

Here are a couple of pro’s listed:

  • They are in for ANYTHING

This one time in the middle of a class, my friend Daniel had some candy’s but they weren’t just watermelon flavoured, they also consisted of the hottest pepper on the planet. The other two guys saw the candy’s and without thinking anything through, they popped them in their mouthes and the rest of the class consisted of me laughing at them and them half dying because the sweets were burning their tongues off. Best class ever.

  • You can release your inner Tom-Boy

Let’s face it, not a lot of girls loveee talking about AK-47’s and COD. That’s where the boys can  come in handy, they won’t think you’re weird for wanting Michonne’s katana from ‘The Walking Dead’, they will tell you you can buy that sucker on Amazon. It’s so freeing to be able to talk about gross stuff, games and guns, it’s my favorite thing about being friends with dudes.

  • It’s a drama-free-zone

Man, I love that guys never talk about girls except in the “Check out that ass!” way. Don’t get me wrong I do not like it when guys treat girls like meat, but not hearing guys talk bitchy about other guys or overanalysing about girls is sometimes a nice break from the everlasting girl gossiping.

  • And the best thing about being  friends with a guy is when they share stuff with you.

I once read this article that men don’t go to other men when they want to talk about their problems, they go to females. I think that that’s very true, never have I ever heard a conversation between to boys pouring their hearts out. Tough my friend Daniel did come to me once asking things about a girl who he just didn’t understand at all. It’s very reassuring to know that sometimes boys are just as confused with girls as we are with them.

Girls can be friends with guys without it having to turn weird, just be open about how you see that person, so no secret flirting or whatnot! Look at a guy like he is truly a friend, a brother almost and it will never become more, because that would feel wrong. It’s so much fun hanging out with guys and to be in a drama-free zone, so go for it and stop looking at every guy you meet like a potential bf, but like a bff(sorry, couldn’t resist).