feminism, friendships

Lesbians. Jup.

This is a topic that lately has been popping up everywhere in my life, strangely. I’m not coming out to you (yet) haha, which makes this even stranger.

See, this summer while I was dancing with my awesome friend Scarlett and this guy kept hitting on her even though she was not interested at all. After the eleventh time or so I suddenly had a plan. A mad plan, but still a plan.

I saw him come over again and this time I  put my arm around Scar and touched her hair and stuff, then when I knew he was looking I yelled “She’s mine, baby!” and we ran. While we we’re making our way from him yet again, I looked back at him and seriously it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. His jaw had dropped and I think in his shocked state he could only elbow his friends a little, trying to get them to notice this miraculous event.

Not only did that guy come back later, still wanting to dance with Scarlett, we we’re also asked to kiss by a different guy who knew nothing of my little stunt. What is it with guys and lesbians? What’s with the double standard? If girls kiss it’s the hottest thing on earth, but when guys do it it is suddenly a crime or something.

And it’s not just that, lesbians are divided into two sections. Hotties and dykes. I don’t think that’s fair at all. I think the term ‘dyke’ is beyond offensive and the hottie section is just goddamn superficial.
The ‘dyke’ term is out-dated I think, lots of feminine women find out they are gay and that whole butch image is so done. Maybe in the last century any women with a short haircut and a toolbox in her home would be seen as a man hating lesbian, but come on! Haven’t we evolved? Nowadays it just means that we really dig that whole Michelle Williams look and we don’t need men to repair a leaky toilet for us, we can do it our damn selves.

And for the hotties, men only like that lesbian part of the deal, because in their heads it’s all just one big fantasy waiting to happen. It’s ridiculous and offensive! It suggests that these women are only temporarily gay or something, like it’s a fase! Well, guess what? Neither of these images are right. The modern lesbian is strong and not just in the carrying a hammer kind of way. She is manly in a entirely different way, because coming out really takes a big ol’ set of crown jewels, if you know what I mean. And she might just be fashionable too, sexy even, who knows?
See that’s my point, all these stereotypes are just that, rough sketches of what used to be, but sadly they stick. It’s not just that they are outdated, but real lesbians today are bombarded with questions like “But if you’re a lesbian why do you have long hair?” making it even harder for girls to come out(this of course also applies to men).

Let’s put those images and labels away, It’s been enough. Just look at the person instead of that image you had of what it should look like. That’s life, sometimes thing aren’t what you think they look like. And sometimes you should just look.